Friday, April 23, 2010

Tucson: Wandering rally continues downtown

Several hundred people protesting the state's immigration law are moving from the state building downtown to Armory Park and apparently back again.

Most of the crowd, estimated to be about 400 people, are young adults and teens. Many gathered at the state building after walkouts earlier in the day at schools that include Pueblo, Cholla, Catalina and Rincon.

TUSD officials said today they estimate some 200 students from those school took part in the walkouts. The size of the crowd has fluctuated and may grow at a separate protest is planned this afternoon.

The protest has been peacefu. Several police officers gathered near the Tucson Convention Center, out of view from the protest. Granada Avenue was closed for much of the day, causing traffic to back up on West Congress Street. It reopened this afternoon.

This is the second large protest young people have held this week at the state building. A handful of counter protesters were also there.

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