Thursday, June 3, 2010

UFW Will Challenge Arizona Officers


Salinas, Calif.- United Farm Worker leaders are saying no to SB1070. They say it is racist and it targets Latinos unfairly.

" Here are all my documents. We leave with nothing, "said Efren Barajas the Vice President of UFW. Barajas and board members may return to the Central Coast with a criminal record. " We won't take licenses, citizenship and green cards,"said Barajas.

The group is joining protestors from across California, Texas, Oregon and Washington State on July 29. They're challenging police in Arizona to arrest them when the new immigration law starts next month. " Challenge Arizona police to arrest us for being Latinos, for being suspicious and not having documents,"said Barajas.

If police stop them for any reason and suspect they're in the country illegally,officers can ask about their immigration status. If they can't provide documents, they go to jail. " I'm pretty sure this is going to make an impact. Its one of the first steps in order to get immigration reform,"said Sergio Guzman.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department said it's training deputies to spot illegal immigrants. And will prove the new law does not encourage racial profiling.

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  1. So do something to get arrested for does what. You have no papers and refuse to give information, Ok so you go to jail and because you can not prove you will show up in court there is no BOND.That keeps you in jail for how long. The issuing of Bond for arrest is only to make sure you show up in court, with nothing to show who you are how does the police know you will show up in court.