Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cross border protest in Douglas/Agua Prieta

Reporter: Sergio Avila

DOUGLAS, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - The people of Douglas along with those from across the border in Agua Prieta, Sonora united to protest SB1070 together. The demonstration started in Sonora. Then some of the protesters legally crossed the border and joined Americans in Douglas.

"We understand that we have to do something about the fence, we understand that but we're dealing with people in a lot of situations so they really have to be careful in laws they're going to pass," Margie Quijada, an opponent of the law, said.

KGUN 9 News wanted to know if they've listened to what supporters of the law have to say. What's the basis for believing this law will lead to racial profiling?

"Our past, think about the past. The Orientals and other people they've done this too, the black people," Quijada said.

What about the fact that a recent Rasmussen poll says about 65 percent of Arizonans support SB1070?

"There was a time when 70 percent of people in Alabama and Mississippi supported segregation and the Jim Crow laws," Roberto Medina, a Douglas resident, said.

Among the protesters we found Antonio Bustamante. He's part of the Hispanic Bar Association in Maricopa county.

Bustamante believes SB1070 will divide the state and create animosity between the people and the authorities. We asked him his reaction to the fact that many other countries require you to have documentation of your legal status.

"This is America, they're not. It's an easy answer. We pride ourselves on our liberties," Bustamante said.

We also asked the protesters what types of reform would they like to see if and when Congress tackles this issue.

They told us they want comprehensive reform that includes a program where foreigners can come over legally to work.

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