Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day 2010 news round-up: Anti-SB1070, anti-capitalist, and anti-authoritarian actions from around the globe


Arizona protests and rallies
Flagstaff: May Day rally for migrant rights
Phoenix: 5,000 rally at state capitol
Tucson: 7,000 march in immigrant rally
Tucson: Fight Back! reports 15,000 at Tucson march

Anti-SB1070 Solidarity

Austin: 10,000 gather at Capitol to protest controversial Arizona law
Chicago: 10,000 march against Arizona anti-immigrant law
Denver: 10,000 march through Denver to protest Arizona immigration law
El Paso: Over 100 El Pasoans Protest Arizona Immigration Law
Fresno: 2,000 march for immigrant rights
Houston: 7,000 march against SB1070, for immigrants rights
Los Angeles: At 60,000, L.A.'s May Day immigration rally is nation's largest
Miami: Hundreds atMay Day Rally Cries Shame on Arizona
Milwaukee: Thousands march against Arizona's SB1070
Minneapolis: Thousands Rally Against Unjust SB1070 and Demand Equal Rights for Immigrants
Modesto:Thousands rally for immigration reform
New Mexico: New Mexicans protest Arizona immigration law
Oregon: Thousands march in Portland, 500 in Salem
Philadelphia: 100 gather against Arizona law
Seattle: Thousands march for immigration reform
San Diego: More than 1,000 march against Arizona law
San Francisco: Big S.F. protest of Arizona immigration law (Photos)
Watsonville: Hundreds rally for worker and immigrant rights in Watsonville (Photos)


Macau, China

Anti-authoritarian action
Asheville: Vandals destroy downtown Asheville storefronts, car windows
Athens: 2,500 anarchists march on May Day (Photos)
Athens: Fire Bomb Hit Greece Police During May Day Protest (Video)
Denver: Wells Fargo Smashed Up in Denver in May Day Attack
New York City: American Apparel Under Attack... Again (Video)
Nijmegen, Netherlands: Photos from the May Day demonstration
Pittsburgh: Highway banner drop
Prague: 200 anarchists march
San Francisco: Anarcha-Feminists Take to the Streets ...Because We Don't Need Anyone's Permission
San Francisco: Photos from Reclaim the Streets (2)
San Francisco: Anarchists occupy abandoned school for May Day, 11 arrested say police
San Francisco: Post-Immigration march scuffle targets National "Anarchists"
Santa Cruz: Video of May Day riot
Victoria, B.C.: Police station attacked

San Francisco

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