Thursday, May 20, 2010


For Immediate Release
media contact
Nancy Meza (323)316-0851,

To Push For the Passage Of the Dream Act As A Stand Alone Bill
West Los Angeles Federal Building
11000 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90024


My name is Maria Garcia . Im a 5th year UCLA student pursuing a degree in biological anthropology. I was born to immigrant parents who always put an emphasis on education. As I stand with other allies; I know I am in the right place. I am here to be in solidarity with every individual who has come out as undocumented and for those who remain in the shadows out of a fear resulting from unjust laws. I am here to fight alongside people who believe in the right to an equal education regardless of one's status. Students are done with just simply DREAMING we are now taking ACTion. We know our friends and families need the DREAM Act NOW!

My name is Renato Perez I am an immigrant by luck. The love for family friends and humanity is what pushes me and makes me fight stronger. I believe that education is a human right and no human being should be denied that right. Pass the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill now !!!

My name is Yazmin I am an immigrant mujer from from mexico demanding the passage of the DREAM ACT as a stand alone bill!This is a necessary action that im doing with dignity and love for my family, friends, and my undocumented brothers and sisters. We are no longer spectators but actors in our struggle.

My name is Jonathan Bibriesca. My friend and I arrived to the United States at the same time, I was privileged to arrive with residency status.Almost immediately we became best friends, we have shared unforgetable moments and our friendship grew to the point where i begun to consider him a brother. After High School our lives took different roads, I joined the military and he enrolled in college. Then, I started to become aware of his situation and the unnecessary barriers that have been implemented on him because he is undocumented. He has inspired me to pursue higher education , and to advocate for social justice. I am taking part in this civil disobedience because of him and all the beautiful undocumented students who overcome barriers and fight to achieve higher education. I am taking part in this civil dissobediance action because I was raised with the values of reaching out and helping those in need.

My name is Andrea Ortega. I am a 4th year student at the University of California, Los Angeles. I was born to two immigrant parents who came here at the young ages of 5 and 12 years old. I am doing this for my friends and family members who have been victims of a broken immigration system. I am taking part in this civil disobedience in honor of Tam Tran and Cynthia Felix, two inspirational role models that gave so much to the students across the country and who will be with us in spirit. I am doing this in solidarity for the brave 3 students in Arizona who have given their futures so that hundreds and thousands of other students have a chance to one. I am doing this so that students will no longer be terrorized by legislation like SB1070 in Arizona, and not have to go to school in fear that their families are deported back home. I am doing this because I know that it is a small sacrifice to make so that more students are able to pursue their education as I have. I am doing this so that the DREAM Act can be passed as a stand alone bill and become the first step towards a better society that does not discriminate any human being. I am doing this not for me but because legislators have not been able to answer our calls and lobby visits for reform and the DREAM Act. Now is the time for the DREAM Act. This country needs the DREAM ACT now more than ever. Pass the DREAM Act now!

My name is Olavo Michel. I am a citizen, son of immigrants, and UCLA student. But most important of all, I am human. I am here to demonstrate that there are people who stand in solidarity with undocumented immigrants and students across the country. I am taking part in this civil disobedience to contest the privileges I have been awarded at the expense of others. I know of many undocumented students who are much more than deserving of the same rights, privileges, and opportunities that we have had as a result of merely being born here. My undocumented colleagues time and time again have proven their outstanding capabilities through academics, leadership, community engagement, but most important of all, as individuals, much more than some students with “documents.” I am advocating for the passing of the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill as a point of departure in which we, documented and undocumented can stand, live, and work together to contribute to the society we all live in.

My name is Sophia Sandoval. I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Up until recently, I was ignorant of the crude reality we are living in. I've always had undocumented friends, and as a citizen I never realized the true struggle they have. I will never know what it's like to work hard and not be recognized for it since I have "papers". I am now more aware and am making a conscious effort to fight for them and do anything I possibly can to right this horrible wrong. It is for you, my friends, that I finally stand up and fight with you. Lets pass the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill now.

My Name is Charlene Gomez. We cannot deem this nation as the land of the free if we continue this attack on children and families for being "immigrants". My loved ones deserve dignity . I am upholding the legacy of the civil rights movement when many people were denied their human rights, one being the right to an education. I will ensure the passage of the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill.

My name is Mariella Saba I am 22 years old. I am the daughter of migrant parents, of mixed Arabic and Mexican decent, born and raised in East Los Angeles.
I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2009, where I co-founded Students Informing Now in 2005, a political organization of AB540 students and allies organizing for education and immigration reform for marginalized students, especially those deemed undocumented.I am a poet, theater artist, educator, student, and citizen of the world.I am participating in this civil disobedience because we still live in a world where some humans are deemed legal and others illegal. Because education is a human right and students of color and undocumented students are still fighting for this right. Because the Dream Act as a stand alone bill is necessary and is the least that can be done for undocumented youth. Because my immigrant parents raised me to give, to love, to honor our humanity.

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